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Upcoming Event:  MOTIVATING NOW - Simple Tips to Live Healthier & Happier

Motivating Now

“Simple Nutrition & Fitness Tips that will get you the results you want the fastest – how to start and where to start.”

To a busy woman who is ready to add balance to her life,

Do you often have several things on a go all at once, stretching yourself in multiple directions and all while running a busy household and full time career too?

You are not Superwoman but WOW! would love to see her have a go at juggling an everyday life (work, family, kids…) like you do!!

With all your busy schedule, when was the last time you did something for you?

When was the last time you felt energised, healthy, fit or confident in your clothes?

In your busy schedule, finding time to fit in your health & fitness can often slide to the bottom of the list. No it's not because you don't think it's important but WHERE do you start, HOW do you find the motivation to do it, WHAT do you do? It can become a slippery slope from here as the less you move the more tired you feel and the more you find yourself getting sick (which lets face it, you don't have time for that either).

It's time you started looking after you!

Is this all sounding very familiar to you? Come along to Motivating NOW on Friday 4th August because what we will be talking about together is EXACTLY for you.

We have a gorgeous venue, spot prizes, bubbles, yummy recipes to sample, goodie bags and so much more. It will be a fun night out! And you will leave with some energised motivation & great simple tips you can action straight away!

Grab your ticket and come join us for a fun ladies night out.  Hey, why bring a friend and save $15 too!

It's time to gain that energy you desire, feel healthy & stronger and look AMAZING in your clothes. Why? Because you are a unique and special woman who deserves to be happy and healthy with nothing holding her back in life!


Melissa xx

Your local Healthy Lifestyle Professional

Ps to check out our line up of special guests & other great announcements, pop over to our Facebook event page.


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