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“Be the BEST version of YOU for life!”

I know how frustrating it can be to juggle work, home, partner, family etc and still try find time to keep fit and active.  It can be a real struggle.  But I'm super glad to tell you, you don't need a gym membership to get fit! You don't need to spend hours working out every day! You don't need to be do boring exercise routines every again!

Let me show you how functional fitness can be both simple to fit into your busy schedule and get you those toned, confident results you desire.


Your 1on1 Personalised sessions are customised specifically for you and your goals. If you need accountability to your goals, motivation and support to keep you on track and in a way that is simple with no added stress; then these sessions are perfect for you!

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This is not your typical army style training that feels intimidating and impossible.  Our BootieFit sessions are filled with simple, function exercises using body weight, power bags & cardio movements.  These private group sessions help you to burn fat, tone up and get that body pumping to amazing results! 

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Boxing for fitness is such an amazing form of exercise for all fitness/skill levels. It is a total body workout, and balanced with functional moves & exercises, giving you the most effective results while having fun too! 

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Busy full on days can leave little time for you to relax, unwind & refocus your mind & body.  

YogaFit is the perfect option to both release tension & stress from your day, improve your strength, tone your body and increase your flexibility.  It is also a great way to clear your mind & increase your focus for a more productive, less stressed life.  Perfect for beginners to advanced.

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Create your own group (great for bridal parties, work challenges or getting fit with friends) or come join one of our scheduled group sessions.  Working out as part of a small group (minimum 4 people) will help keep you motivated each week and on track to achieving your goals. These group sessions are a great cost-effective way to help you get in shape up, tone up and sweat those extra kilos away!

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Ready to get started to a more healthier, fit, confident you?  

Grab your FREE initial consult & first 1on1 session as my GIFT TO YOU!  No obligations - just a chance for you to check out what it is I offer, see our boutique studio, gain clarity on what it is you want to achieve and put together an action plan with simple steps to fit your busy lifestyle.

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