It took me awhile to work this one out, but once I did it changed EVERYTHING!

I have done a few roles in my career, trying to find something that both sparked my passion & allowed me to live the life I wanted (which I absolutely found now!).... and while trying to balance all the different aspects of my life, fighting traffic to get to work, running a household (cleaning, cooking, etc). There was always something that had to give way to make time for everything else (or so ...I thought).

My day would start at 6am, shower, get dressed, make lunch, inhale breakfast, run out the door to beat traffic, meetings, deadlines, emails, sneak bites of lunch between phone calls, paperwork galore, more traffic, hour at the gym, food shopping, cook dinner, washing, vacuum, shower, collapse in bed (all before 11pm).

Monday would always start out strong
Tuesday good
Wednesday ok
Thursday tired

To be able to make it to the end of my week, something had to give way for more energy to last. MY BIG MISTAKE. The gym was always the first thing to go. The more tired I got, the less I prioritised my fitness. This was NOT GOOD! The less fitness, the more tired, the more 'fast & easy' food I ate, the worse I felt, the more I slumped into this black hole of exhaustion & disappointment with my fitness & image.

What I learnt:

1. If you are tired, rest is great but never use it as an excuse to stop being fit & healthy.

2. Healthy eating is just as important as fitness. Even more important when tired & your taste buds take over for your brain.

3. Going to the gym is great, but it is not everyone's cup of tea. Getting fit & healthy can be done at home, park, group classes or with a trainer.

4. Fitness doesn't require hours of your time, you can work out 10mins a day & still get results.

The most important......

5. To have a balanced life, prioritising your fitness is not selfish. It's not saying its more important than family time or spending time with friends. You are choosing to have the energy, strength, confidence to be able to spend QUALITY time with them (rather than drained, sick & grumpy). You are choosing to live healthy so you can live longer, succeed at your career, be around for your kids & family AND LIVE HAPPIER TONED VIBRANT LIFE!

Stop sacrificing your health for life but instead, choose HEALTH FOR LIFE!

Melissa Torrey