Weight loss vs Weight Maintenance

I was having a conversation with a very talented lady yesterday. She opened up and starting telling me about all the times she has done 'diets or programmes' and lost heaps of weight. Of course I congratulated her because YES it was amazing that she had lost all the weight.

However I then asked her "so if this has helped you to lose weight in the past & you saw great results, what is it that has brought you to me today?"

Her response almost had me in tears..... "I am here because yes I got results after I followed really stricted eating plans & exercise regimes for a few months. BUT I found that it was too hard to stick to with my work & family commitments. For example all the food to prepare for me & then on top of that I would make a seperate meal for the family. Once I had the results I wanted, I found myself slipping back into old habits and slowly over the next few months gained it all back again. This was so depressing and before I knew it I had put on an extra 5kg on top of that too! I would then start another diet/regime and spent the next few months losing it again, only to find myself start repeating the same patterns as life would get busy & I would feel guilty for putting my needs etc in front of my family & work deadlines."

Our conversation continued to find out what her triggers, habits etc were that she knew where helping her or hindering her results. We came to a conclusion that short term diets with short term weight loss were not what she wanted. As with most women, she wanted something that was simple, effective & she could easily fit into her busy scheudle to create the healthy life long changes she wanted.

TIP: Focus on weight maintenance (small changes that you can easily stick to every day) VS weight loss (fads, diets, short term results. When you create a healthy lifestyle, your body will thank you and start dropping the kilos off slowly but consistently & give you the body you want & love for a lifetime.

Ps permission was given to share this story before I posted :)

Melissa Torrey