Satisfy your cravings without the sweet foods

Do you get cravings through the day?

Finish a meal and feel like you need something else?

By including good fats into your meals, you will help to crush those cravings and finish your meal feeling full without over eating or feeling bloating.

But what foods are good fat?

Here is a quick guide to some everyday foods that will help you:

Dark Chocolate (yes you read that right ;) )
Whole eggs
Fatty Fish (salmon, trout, sardines)
Nuts (great source of good fat & fibre too)
Chia seeds
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Coconut & Coconut Oil (perfect for bliss balls)
Full fat yogurt

I love making up my bliss balls each week as it includes 4 of the ingredients (chocolate, nuts, chia & coconut oil) and gives me the perfect snack for when I'm on-the-go