Choose to EMPOWER your life

It's your responsibility to choose the most EMPOWERING reasons to accept the things that happen in your life.

What do I mean?
Lets say you get to work today and find out that the manager position you applied for has been given to another co-worker. It's your responsibilty to choose.....
1. Feel resentment towards management for not choosing you...
2. Give a half hearted congratulation to your co-worker
3. Support your co-worker with their new position and offer to help them with the transition into their new challenging role & show management the team player & motivator you are so when the next position comes up management think of you straight away.

So often it can be easy to slip into the negative straight away rather than focusing on how you can use this new situation to help you step closer to your goal further down the road.

It is the same with our health. One slippery step left me with a spinal injury that could have stopped my fitness career & goals right in that moment. Instead I got up, I asked for help & sort out the best spinal specialist I could find. The road to recovery was by far not easy, lots of moments of tears, pain & anger. BUT I started looking at why this had happened to me......
It helped me understand sciatica pain
It helped me appreciate simple tasks of tying shoelaces
It helped me love how strong my body was & would be again
It showed me that a busy life had stopped me doing the things I loved, I had been telling myself I had no time for but now I knew that to be excuses.
It showed me the support I had around me.
It showed me to be gratiful for every little milestone I achieved (being able to lift a little heavier each week, to not needing back support to do simple movements, to being able to walk more than 1km without pain).
It showed me that no matter what others told me I should be doing or shouldn't be doing, I listened to my body and believed it was capable of 100% recovery and more!

Everything happens for a reason, choose to see the why & use it to EMPOWER YOUR FUTURE!