Wild Orange Chocolate Balls

Prep:   8mins               Cooking: N/A                           Total Time:     8mins               Serving: 20-25 medium size

Wild Orange Balls.JPG


1 ½ cup Almonds

½ cup Macadamias

¼ cup Sunflower seeds

1 cup dates (soaked in hot water)

5 tbls cacao powder

3 tbls water

10 drops Doterra Wild Orange essential oil

Desiccated coconut (to roll)



1.        Soak dates in hot water for 10mins

2.       Blitz nuts in food processor for finely chopped

3.       Add seeds, cacao powder and blitz until well mixed

4.       Drain dates (keep a small amount of water for later) and add to food processor

5.       Blitz until well combined

6.      Slowly add water, essential oil and blitz until well combined (should be able to form ball easily)

7.       Use tablespoon to scoop mixture out, roll into ball form and cover with coconut

8.      Refrigerate and ENJOY!



Switch nuts up for alternatives such as 1 cup almonds, ½ cup cashews, ½ macadamias….. get adventurous with them.  I like cashews and macadamias as gives a smooth texture which goes nice with the cacao/chocolate taste.

You can also add dark chocolate chips if you want to increase the chocolate taste.

Just remember though that the balls are suppose to be healthy so don’t overload with sugary additions 😉


I only recommend the Doterra Essential Oil for this recipe as it is a pure product that has been 3rd party tested.  I do not recommend using any other essential oils, however you can switch it for Orange Essence instead.